For live streaming production
with Smartphones

You are the
Director of the live

Step 1. Download Live2.Social App
on Tablet or Smartphone

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Wireless Switching
to Smart Devices

Step 2. The Smartphones will automatically sync to the tablet via WiFi. If you are a guest, connect via LTE, simply enter the code.

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One Click and
you Go Live!

Step 3. It’s time to Go-Live to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn and your OTTT all at the same time.

Or record locally and send later.

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Amplify your reach globally!

Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Web, Podcast and OTT

How does it work?

Choose Director or Camera mode. If you are the Director, connect your remote cameras (mobile devices) and choose the desired shot. then add graphics, text, images, videos and remote video calls.

Tell your video story

If you choose Camera, then simply connect via wireless your smartphone camera to the Live2.Social director mode and now you are ready to broadcast to many destinations including social media

Monetize your content

The Live2.Social is a perfect solution to make quality programs, gatherings, round tables, interviews, every coverage, visual radio with live broadcasts through YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, LinkedIn, RTMP and OTT.

The #1 Content Creation App
that everyone needs!


Multi-Camera viewpoints during
sports game, every post needs more angles.
Now it’s possible.

Religious Organizations:

Easy live streaming with multi-camera
switching, it’s time to connect with
your faith!


One screen? How about multiple screens, now you can showcase multiple event scenarios with our simple to use App!


More views, more likes means
you need to create new and better content
direct to social media. Yes, now you can!

Built for every content creator:

enterprises, cooking shows, schools, university, family event, etc.


Breaking News like never before, create
new content from anywhere by lowering the cost of production


Your Radio now with Multi-Cameras,
transform the audio experience in a visual 


Your games, your content with 
multiple viewpoints to show your audience 
your amazing skills


Built for every content creator: enterprises,
cooking shows, schools, university, family 
event, etc.

Game Changing Technology

for any content creator

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